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1. A student is expected to adjust his personality well enough to get along well with other students and faculty. He must be courteous and decent in speech.
     Class Attendance and Examination 2. Student are expected to be neat and clean, and to wear the prescribed school uniform when in the school premises. Long hair among male students is not permitted.
     Admission to Advanced Standing
     Admission to Foreign Students 3. Students are expected to conserve, protect and keep school furniture and equipment in good order. Writing on the walls or elsewhere, littering and other acts of vandalism will not be tolerated. This includes mutilation of library materials.
    Honorable Dismissal
    Withdrawal from the Course
    Annual Limitations of the Rules 4. In no case shall a student under the influence of liquor be admitted into the school campus and hospital. No alcoholic drink is allowed in the school campus.
    Rules Regarding Payments
    Adjustment & Reimbursement of Fees 5. Obscene literature, pictures and other forms of pornography are banned from the school and school premises.
6. Highly immoral conduct involving intimate relationship with the opposite sex is severely dealt with.
7. Gambling in any form is not permitted within the school premises.
8. Stealing of school and other students' properties or any form of mental dishonesty is an offense condemnable from the first offense. This includes cheating in examination and such acts that will circumvent the purpose of measurement and evaluation of student performance.
9. Deadly weapons of any kind, whether concealed or exposed, are prohibited within the premises of the College.
10 Tardiness of 10 minutes or more without justifiable reason shall be considered an absence.
11. Only upon permission of the instructor shall a student leave the room quietly and in orderly manner.
12. Students waiting to occupy a recitation or lecture room should enter only after the outgoing class has left the room.
13. Loitering and making noise in the corridors are strictly prohibited. Students must stay in the library or, when the weather permits, in the college campus. Silence must be maintained in order not to disturb the classes.
14. When outside the school, the student must inhibit himself from acts that would embarrass or reflect against the College.

          The rules of reprimand, suspension and dismissal from the college as promulgated by the Department of Education shall be applied by the committee in meeting out penalties subject to the approval of the Dean. In extreme cases, such as gross immorality, assault on school officials, etc. when the offending student may be expelled, the approval of the Ministry of Education and Culture must be obtained thru the recommendation of the Dean. When a student is expelled he is debarred from seeking admission in any public or private school recognized by the government.