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A student may be admitted only to the Second Year of Medicine under the following conditions
Class Attendance and Examination   a. There must be a vacancy.
Admission to Foreign Students b. He must have satisfied all requirements for admission to the First Year and promotion to the Second Year in any subject.
Honorable Dismissal
Withdrawal from the Course c. He must not have a grade of Failure, Incomplete that has not been completed, or Unauthorized Withdrawal in any subject
Annual Limitations of the Rules
Rules of Conduct d. He must validate his credits for subjects as required by the Committee on Admissions
Rules Regarding Payments
Adjustment & Reimbursement of Fees Applicants for transfer who have high probability of being accepted based on all date presented will be interviewed. Those admitted will have to submit the following credentials before they can be allowed to enroll:
  a. Original transfer credential,
b. Original copy of complete academic records duly signed by the Registrar's Office of the school he/she comes from.
c. Certificate of good moral character duly signed by the school authority concerned.
d. Approval of transfer from DECS.