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Course Curriculum
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Admission Requirements




One of the course offerings of the College of Science is the Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy (B.S.P.T.) program. It provides formal college preparation for those who will fill vital professional roles in health facilities and will deliver the full spectrum of physical therapy services required in modern health café.

            Physical Therapist assist patients with temporary or permanent physical disability to achieve the highest possible degree of recovery

            Physical Therapists function in four general types of positions, namely:

1. As a staff or supervisor, providing direct services to patients


2. As an administrator of programs in educational institutions, clinical departments or health agencies;
3. As a consultant to health care agencies, schools, sports complexes or organizations; and,
4.As a teacher in clinical and academic settings.
Qualifications of students for the Physical Therapy Course  
1. Must possess above-average intelligence
2. Must be scientifically inclines
3. Must be deeply interested in the treatment and care of the sick, injured and disabled
4 .Must possess a great amount of patience persistence, diligence and a keen sense of humor, and
5. Must be physically fir psychologically stable