Promotion Board

A Promotions Board, tasked to evaluate the performance of the students,  shall be composed of the Head or his representative as Chairman and the faculty members handling the biomedical and professional courses.

Rules on Promotion

All students must take the prescribed total semestral load for nay year level unless he incurred a deficiency and is allowed to retake the subject(s) in accordance with the provision below.
1.Failure in 30% of his total load for the semester or twice in the same subject shall be considered debarred from the course.
2.No student with any deficiency in the first and second year shall be promoted to the third year. Likewise, a student must have satisfactorily complete the third and fourth year level of the course to be admitted to the fifth year.
3.No student shall be allowed to take a subject unless he satisfactorily passed the prerequisite subject(s).
4.A grade of 75% or better is required for the completion of any course.
5.Any student with a grade below 75 in one or more subjects unless automatically dropped from the roll upon application may, on recommendation of the Promotions Board for that semester, be readmitted to repeat the subject(s) in which he has failed.
6.The tuition fees to be paid by repeaters in addition to all other fees shall be computed as follows:

a. Students with a load of 50% or less of the prescribed semestral load           

          ..50% of tuition

b.      Students with a load above 50% of the total prescribed semestral load

          ..100% of tuition.  


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