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            One of the lead programs of the Doņa Remendois Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The College of Science started offering the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N) program in school year 1984-1985.

            The B.S.N. Program received academic distinctions from the Commission on Higher Education and the Professional Regulation Commission.

            Nursing Education aims to prepare a completion thinking nurse generalist who, upon beginning professional competencies, shall continue to assume responsibility for personal and professional development, contributing to the nursing profession through research.

The RTRMF College of Nursing aims to produce a fully functioning nurse who possesses;
1. Knowledge, attitudes and skills for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and well-being and alleviation of suffering.


2. Effective delivery of health care services.
3. Sensitive awareness of the health needs of society.          
4.Commitment to the alleviation of problems arising from human needs.

5.Research inclination/attitude through the nursing process leading to the utilization of important and relevant research findings.

6. Ethical and moral goodness.

7. Faith in the Divine providence.

8.. Right values regarding life, religion and service.
9. Respect in the dignity and freedom of man.
10.Ideals, aspiration and traditions of Philippines life and culture.