Class Promotion



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   Course Curriculum
Admission Requirements

A.     Rules on Promotion
       1.      No student shall be allowed to take a subject unless he satisfactorily passed the prerequisite subject(s).  
       2.      A grade of 75 or better is required for the completion of any course  
       3.      Any student with a grade below 75 in one or more subjects unless dropped from the roll of the College upon application maybe readmitted to repeat the subject(s) in which he has failed.  
       4.      The tuition fees to be paid by repeaters/ irregular students in addition to all other fees shall be computed as follows:  
                      a.      Students with a load of 50% or less of the total      
                                prescribed    semestral load    
50% of tuition  


                      b.      Students with a load above 50% of the total prescribed                                 semestral load                               100% of tuition  
B.     Class Attendance and Examinations
The student is required to attend not less than 80% of the total class hours in any required subject. A student who incurs absence of 20% or more of the total didactic and laboratory work in any subject shall be dropped in that particular subject.
C. Graduation with Honors
The following honors are awarded to graduating students whose weighted averages from the First to the Fourth Year of the B.S. Biology curriculum are as follows:
         Cum Laude  ............................... 88% and over
         Magna Cum Laude ..................... 91% and over
         Summa Cum Laude ................... 93% and over
  A student who obtains a grade lower than   80 on "NC" will be disqualified to graduate with honors.