Admission Requirements



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An applicant for enrollment to the course must satisfy the following requirements:

      1. Be a high school graduate for any accredited school with a   general weighted average rating  of 80% or better;
      2. With an NSAT rating of 75% or better;
      3. Have passed the entrance examination;
      4. With good moral character;
      5. Be physically fit; and
      6. Preferably, not more than 30 years old.
No applicant shall be admitted for registration unless he/she presents the following  credentials;

Shifters/transferees must have obtained a general weighted average of 2.5 or better (based on the total college units earned).

      1. Form 138 (HS Report Card) or its equivalent with the NSAT rating indicated therein;
      2. Birth Certificate (Xerox Copy);
      3. Certificate Good Moral Character from last school attended; and
      4. Medical Certificate issued by an RTRMF designated physician.