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RTRMF Journal - An Overview

   The official publication of the Doņa Remedios T. Romualdez Medical Foundation, 
   INC., Vol.1 No. 1, 2001  

Theme:    RTRMF in Health Research and Education

Editorial Staff:
            Editor in Chief              Bayani L. Blas
            Associate Editor           Erleta S. Pinero
Editorial Board
             Ursula C. Quiban   Jesus G. Reyes
             Cesar T. de los Reyes  Antonio E. Lim, Jr.
             Fabito D. Monsanto  Concepcion Sekito
             Sarah G. Apostol  Agripino B. Limpiado, Jr.
             Mirasol A. Bugais  Adelaida L. Filamor
Business and Circulation Managers
             Fabito D. Monsanto          Sarah G. Apostol
             Agripino B. Limpiado        Mirasol A. Bugais
       Note: For full text copies, please contact RTRMF
       a.) Detection of Colifom Bacili from selected beaches in Tacloban City;
            Authors: A. Alisasis, R. Jordan, B. Blas A. Lim, Jr., et al.
       b.) A preliminary Survey on the Helminthic Parasities in Fishes
            sold at the Tacloban City Supermarket; Authors: J. Florante,
            C. Anano, N. Flosa, B. Blas. A. Lim, Jr, E.T. Reyes. et al.
       c.) Pitfalls in the Immunization Program and its Effect on Admitted Measles    
            Cases at Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center, Tacloban City;
            Authors:   E. de Veyra, J. Matoza, N. Go, M. Sekito, B. Blas, A. Lim, Jr.
            J. Guevarra, et al.             
       d.) Reproductive Biology of Codakia Tigerina(Bivalvia: Veneroida) in Villareal,
            Western Samar; Author: Cesar T. de los Reyes
        a.) Chemotheraphy Scheme for the control of Schistosoma Japinicum 
             Infection in the Philippines; Author: Bayani Blas, M.D.
        a.) Structure and Function of the Gram-Negative Bacterial Cell Envelope:
             Focus on Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Author: Antonio E. Lim, Jr., Ph.D.