The selection of students for admission is the responsibility of Admission Committee which considers the qualifications of applicants. Admission is based upon the evaluation of the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) and/or entrance examination, academic records, personal interview and and health report.  

1. Secure an Application Form (Dean's Office)

2. Pay the required application and processing fee

3. Submit the following requirements together with the filled-out application form.

     a. Transcript of Records for evaluation.

     b. Birth Certificate (Certified True Copy).

     c. Certificate of Good Moral Character issued by two former professors in the pre-medical course.

     d. Authenticated Copy of College Diploma or a Certificate of Graduation issued by the school registrar (Special Order to be
         indicated in case of private school graduates.

     e. NMAT Result.

     f. Certificate of Eligibility for Admission (CEM)

     g. Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)for non-Filipinos.

     h. Three (3) photographs (2" x 2") taken within the last 6 months.

     i. One (10" x 15") brown envelop.

     j. Self-addressed envelope with the necessary post-paid stamps.

I Pre-requisites:  

1. A Bachelor's degree in any field of interest granted by an accredited academic institution, provided that the course of study included.  
            A. Natural Science ----------------30 Units
                   1. Gen. & Inorganic Chemistry
                   2. Organic Chemistry 
                   3. College Physics   
                   4. General Zoology    
                   5. Comparative & Vert. Anatomy   
            B. Mathematics --------------------9 Units
                   1. Algebra     
                   2. Trigonometry    
                   3. Statistics     
2. Of good moral character, never been convicted of any crime, good academic record, pleasing personality and attitude fit for medical career.
3. Must have taken the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT).
4. Must have been dropped from the rolls of the RTRMF College of Medicine or other medical schools.
5. Physically fit to meet the demands and rigors of medical course.
6. A Certificate of Eligibility for Admission into the medical Course (CEM) issued by the Commission on Higher Education.
 An admitted student who fails to enroll may be admitted in the succeeding year only after he re-applies and is selected on a competitive basis with the rest of the applicants for the year.  
The RTRMF College of Medicine accepts a limited number of foreign applicants each year. Applications done in writing together with the required credentials shall be coursed through the Admission Committee.  
Foreign students whose application for admission is favorably endorsed by the Admission Committee shall submit the following documents before they are eligible for admission:  
         1. Original and 3 Xerox copies of the Student's Visa;
         2. Original and 3 Xerox copies of the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) issued by the Bureau of Immigration;
         3. Original and 3 Xerox copies of the Study Permit issued by the Commission on Higher Education;
         4. Passport.  


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