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The RTR Medical Foundation started offering the Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology (B.S.M.T.) program in school year 1994-1995.

As an excellent preparation towards the study of regular medicine, a good number of medical technology graduates enter the College of Medicine every year. The course provides a good background in the biomedical subjects and scientific research and processes. Clinical exposure is gained in the fourth year.

Medical Technology Education provide the training for the development of medical technology professionals who posses the knowledge, technical skills and attitude to perform scientific laboratory investigation in aid and diagnosis treatment and research required in health care delivery in the country and the whole world.

In line with the national goals of Medical Technology Education the RTRMF Medical Technology Department facilitates the preparation   and development of high quality Medical Technologists through
    1. Provision of an academic environment that will contribute to efficient teaching and learning process and effective laboratory management.


    2. Acquisitions of skills through actual exposure and performance of the different clinical laboratory procedures and processes
    3. Acquisitions of knowledge and skills in scientific research methods and processes.
    4. Internalization of the Code of Ethics of the Medical Technology profession.